The Greenland Series happened because my wife and I always take the polar route to Europe to visit her family in Holland and I always try to improve myself by visiting great Museum and important Art event's such as the Bienniale in Venice (2005) or the Art Festival in Kessel Germany.  It seemed that our flight over Iceland and Greenland was so fantastic I began shooting photo's from the Plane window at 35,000 feet.

When the shot's worked I invented a new improved way to present the ideas.  I began painting on the reverse side of the canvas ungessoed the photo topic which was usually an ice flow.  Then turning the canvas over when it dried and using the impression of the reverse painting, I'd paint something else on the ungessoed surface with soft color and pencil.  I like the topic of Greenland.  With "Global Warming," being discussed as a major environmental issue the painting get a second edge.  They have this sublime ambiance, this current affair timeliness, and they just hold on to this interesting way it's all painted.

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