James Wills was born in Longview, Washington in 1949.  In 1954 he moved to Utah and in 1965 he moved to Phoenix, Arizona.  His post-secondary studies began at Arizona State University.   After a tour in the U. S. Army he complete his BAE degree in History and Political Science. He holds teaching certificates from Arizona, Oregon and Great Britain.

Mr. Wills moved to Eugene, Oregon after graduation for studies in fine arts working in sculpture, jewelry, and painting completing his second BA degree at the University of Oregon.   He was accepted in the MFA program in Jewelry design under Max Nixon but chose to study painting under Northwest Painting master Frank Okada.  He has also studied painting with Ralph Baker, Jack Portland, and other notable North West artists.

Mr. Wills lived in Great Britain for some time and has traveled extensively studying art at museums such as the New Tate in London, Ville de Paris and Pompadou in Paris, Ludwig in Köln, Modern Art in New York, and De Pont in Tilburg.  His paintings have been represented at shows throughout the United States and at the Galerie MAAS in Rotterdam.

Jim is married to Ria Claassen of Tilburg, Netherlands and they currently live on Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound area of Washington State.

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